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Alcohol used to be one of my biggest downfalls. I couldn’t seem to let it go. I would exercise 5 days a week, eat nutritious foods, but once the weekend came I had the bad habit of binge drinking. Binge drinking set me back on my fitness goals. The alcohol went straight to my gut. I realized I needed to cut back.

Being a young woman I get it. Trust me. I get alcohol is fun. I learned I could still have fun while drinking alcohol in moderation. Remember, too much of anything is bad for you! Minimizing or cutting out alcohol will make a drastic change in your fitness transformation.

How does alcohol slow down the process of building muscle? Research studies show that alcohol can impair protein synthesis, which is the process that builds new muscle. Alcohol is full of empty calories. Binge drinking every weekend will slow down your muscle gains.

I changed the way I chose to drink alcohol. I felt happy I was able to drink in moderation and wake up the next day feeling like myself. I woke up ready to workout and burn the calories. This method was a better alternative to binge drinking and being lazy the following day feeling hung over.

Three tips that helped me are:


Learn to drink slowly. Enjoy your drink and the social hour. Don’t drink more than three drinks in one night. There’s more to life than chugging alcohol, enjoy the moment.


Most mixed drinks are FULL of sugar and calories. Choose something simple. My go-to drink is tequila, water, and lime. Avoid juices because they are high in sugar. Beer will make you bloated immediately and is not recommended. Find a drink that is tasteful and light in calories.


It is important to drink water to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps avoid a bad headache in the morning. Water will help detox. Water is life lol I like to drink water prior and after drinking alcohol.

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